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Antarctica mission
Antarctica, Princess Elisabeth Station
31 scientists
January - March 2016

For 3 months, we helped to secure a team of 30 researchers in Antarctica, part of The BELARE expedition, , based at the Princess Elisabeth Station, leading climate researches in extreme conditions.

The climate of Antarctica is indeed the coldest on Earth. It is on this continent that the lowest natural temperature of the planet has been felt. In winter, temperatures reach a minimum of between -80 ° C and -90 ° C in the territory. The maximum temperatures are between 5 ° C and 15 ° C, close to the coast in summer. Katabatic winds can blow up to 250 km / h, an average atmospheric pressure of 830 hPa, variable rainfall which adds snow drift, and finally 24 hours light for 100 days on 120 the austral summer.
SIGFOX Foundation has partenered with SENSOLUS, a startup providing connected GPS trackers, as well as the Belgium State to make the mission operational. The 30 researchers were equiped with the trackers, so we have had their exact location, and therefore a safety level for the expedition.

Live from the mission