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Antarctica mission

How we helped scientists in Antarctica

Story by Marion Moreau
September 23rd, 2016

Belgian Polar Secretariat, SIGFOX Foundation and SENSOLUS have partenered to bring safety to the BELARE Expedition and the security of their equipment in Antarctica.

The Princess Elisabeth Station hosts since 2009 scientists from around the world, responsible for the work of study and scientific research on the environment and climate change.

Located 200 kms from the coast to the South Pole, the Princess Elisabeth Station is the first polar station, operating entirely on wind and solar energy. It can accommodate up to 40 scientists during the austral summer, the shipping time that lasts from November to February.

Princess Elisabeth Station

The SIGFOX network in the world’s harshest climate was deployed to ensure the safety and security of the crew and its equipment during research operations at the Belgian government’s 2015-16 BELARE expedition.


Only two antennas has been installed at the Polar Station to connect 45 GPS trackers, connected to SIGFOX network, and shipped in November 2015 from Europe to Antarctica, at Princess Elisabeth Station:


SIGFOX Antenna

Trackers on scooter

Signals has been caught at more than 380 km from the Sigfox base stations, based in the Canary Islands :

Boat shipping from Europe

Boat shipping from Europe

On Antarctica coast

Official airplane landed to the Novolazarevskaya Station, then the Polar Station, where trackers have been given to the researchers.

Incoming logistics by plane

Incoming logistics by plane

The 2015-16 BELARE expedition includes a team of technicians and researchers specialized in glaciology, climatology and geomorphology in charge of various Belgian and international scientific projects. These projects are key to the understanding climate changes and sustainability of the planet.

Safety on the scientific mission

Safety scientific mission

Remote expeditions tracking

Asset management equipment

Asset management equipment


As reported by the scientists in the field, what can now expect a lot of knowledge, using trackers to enrich climate research: ice blocks movements measuring, snow observation, for a long term data collect. Connecting the physical world is a huge opportunity to get vital informations, in addition to satellite observation.

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