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“Now Rhinos Speak”: the resurrection is possible

Story by Marion Moreau
April 29th, 2016
29 000 rhinos left in the world
4 rhinos are killed every day in Africa

There are only 29,000 black and white rhinos left in the world, and the condition is turning into a drama because of possible extinction.

Technology is getting more mature, and it could obviously become a real solution applied to wildlife and endangered species. Long term connected sensors have been tested to track rhinos, without being really improved, for costs and batteries issues.

SIGFOX Foundation is currently testing a new monitoring and anti-poaching system in Africa, with the support of rhinos conservationists and NGOs. The goal is simple : drastically optimize the tracking of animals, through a remote system combined with low-powered sensors put in the horns. Thousands of data, collected for years and years without any human intervention, enrich the database and the biological knowledge of the sacred rhino, that we want to protect as longer as possible on earth.

More good announcements to come in 2017…


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