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SIGFOX is the first and only company providing global cellular connectivity for the Internet of Things, fully dedicated to low-throughput communications.
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the power
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It is now 5 years that we have been installing antennas around the world in more than a dozen countries and over 3 continents. 7 millions of connected objects are now registred on SIGFOX network. Hundreds of millions of messages have already been transmitted.
When we met, Christophe and I had this crazy idea to change the world. For 5 years we have chased our dream: to connect the physical world to the Internet, consuming as little energy as possible and as simply as possible.
This is what we like to call the "Power of Low." It fully embodies the meaning of "the Internet of Things": a huge revolution without precedent.

Today, because we are sincerely convinced that we will change the world thanks to a weak signal - the Power of Low can save a life - we have decided to create the SIGFOX Foundation to solve major issues for the environment, public health and solidarity.
The technology should not be an end in itself, but a way to achieve something ambitious, with a lot of impact. We will focus on causes that can be partly solved through connectivity and connected sensors.

To carry out this adventure, full of meaning and strongly supported by all SIGFOX employees, we want to surround ourselves with donors and supporters, determined as we are, to have a major impact on the issues of our time.
The gleam of joy and relief reflected in the eyes of those we can help will be our reward. It will be the source of our energy to go further and transmit the hope and message that the benefits of technology are not in vain.

Christophe Fourtet
Founder and Scientific director of SIGFOX
Ludovic Le Moan
Founder and CEO of SIGFOX

An innovation hub

The Foundation aims to federate the best technological and industrial partners to tackle the challenges: including startups, makers, experts, environment and health specialists.

A community of Ambassadors
an "empowerment program"

Technology is nothing without mankind and the meaning it gives to humanity. The SIGFOX Foundation gathers an international community of experts, entrepreneurs, sociologists, artists and engaged observers of our contemporary world. Our ambassadors will help us to choose the causes we will serve, and bring the essence of their personality to the work that we are trying to achieve collectively. We also invite our donors to engage their employees to participate to these projects with us directly in the field. In doing so, it will transform the digital world from being just an abstract notion to give it a concrete meaning.

A committed and
collaborative media

The online medium is a crossroads where needs can be expressed. It gives a voice to the poorest and to those who are most useful to the causes we support. It tells real human stories, where technology leads the way to a better world.

The ambassadors

A worldwide community

The Ambassadors are a committed community of people from all over the world, chosen from different spheres of expertise and embodying a diversity of visions. They help us to choose the causes that we support and are invited to contribute to our missions.
start ups
Geraldine Le Meur
Co-Founder LeWeb
SIGFOX Foundation board Member
Gregory Renard
Co-Founder and CTO
Stéphanie Bouchet
Cyril Paglino

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